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Marketing services

Marketing Company

The method of contracting in First Marketing in electronic marketing services

Service reservation

The funded advertisement is first reserved

Contract and payment

After booking, now pay to implement the advertisement
شركة اعلانات اعلانات ممولة

Start your ads

After booking, paying and writing your ad details

Provide Facebook followers


Provide Twitter followers


provide followers insta


Provide tiktok followers

Youtube Ads

We do all advertising campaigns on the Instagram platform

Instagram Ads

We do all advertising campaigns on the YouTube platform

Google Adwords

We do all advertising campaigns on the Google platform

Facebook Ads

We do all funded advertising campaigns on the Facebook platform

First, contact the work team and book an appointment for an online interview, or visit one of the company’s branches, write your site details in full, pay the amount specified by the company or part of it, and sign a notarized contract with the company that contains all the details that have been agreed upon, and then start at your site and follow up until delivery

Yes, technical support is available for websites for a period of 6 months from the date of receiving the site, and after that the subscription fee for technical support is paid, but please note that you do not modify the design ownership rights – because that support is canceled directly
First, publish news or content contrary to religions, or upload a script that contains files that contain viruses or hacks Changing the content of the site without referring to the company that programmed your site Raising violating scripts consumes the hosting resources of your site, if the hosting is not in another company
Yes, of course, an amount is paid within the package to run the advertisement on the specified date, but if you wish to renew the advertisement, another amount will be charged, so please choose a specific period for your advertisement
Clicks in google adwords Sometimes there are imaginary clicks or competitors’ clicks, but in this case, Google is contacted and the cost of imaginary clicks that have been calculated is returned.
The correct audience for your business or service is targeted in the place or country that you select. The success of your ad depends on the place that you choose.

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