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Our programming features

Programming and web design features at First Marketing

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Distinguished control panel

Programming your own site with full powers

Your own design

Program your own site with full powers

Pay attention to speed

We always care about the speed

SEO friendly

Programming is fully compatible with search engines and SEO

Compatible with devices

Consistent design that works on all mobile and PC devices

Continuous technical support

Technical support throughout the week is at your service to answer your inquiries
We program and design the following websites
  • Sites Design
  • Shop online
  • tourist sites
  • Educational site
  • news websites
  • Haraj site
Top rated web design companies in the industry make use of the latest technology to provide premium website design and development services to their clients, and they work with exceptional speed and accuracy to deliver the most professional and highest quality website design and development solutions; Therefore, it is essential for those looking for quality web design services to hire the best web designer or company for their own website project. In this list you will find the top web design companies to help potential clients in their search, choose the best web design company from the list below to get the best UI / UX design for your website.
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The online store is a better shopping opportunity:
Your online store is the best marketing tool you can ever have, with multiple marketing mechanisms through the Internet; Such as: marketing via social media, email, search engines, etc. By designing the online store and optimizing search engines, your online store will appear at the top of the search engine results; Which achieves the best results for you in integration with other types of e-marketing, which provides you with a stronger opportunity to interact and build trust with your customers, and keep them in your surroundings and scope of your services all the time

Designing a professional online

store for your business in an innovative way that provides a good user experience for your customers, and this will undoubtedly build a different and strong image in front of consumers, and increase their confidence in your services and products.

- Receive suggestions and opinions of your customers easily:
It is very important for business development and reaching the top to pay attention to customers' opinions and hear their complaints and suggestions. To always achieve the best for them, and the presence of a professional online store on the Internet is your best way to obtain opinions immediately and easily, respond to them, communicate with your customers and improve their expectations.

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How to create a tourist site? The most important question that you must know the answer to, if you own a tour company. The website of the tourism company is a window for customers, through which they can form a first impression of the services and offers that your company will provide.

When you want to know how to create a tourist site? You have to make sure that the website appears in a distinctive and elegant manner, which attracts the attention of the visitor, and this is what we offer you at First Marketing Company

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How to create an educational website
What do you need to know about how to create an educational website? In the beginning, we will put in your hands some of the elements or components that should be available on any distinguished educational website, including:


It is the first page of the website, in which the logo of the educational institution can be placed along with some pictures and important events or notices related to lesson dates and what is related to classes.

This is in addition to the possibility of placing certificates or quality accreditations obtained by the university or school.

A page about the platform or educational institution
On that page, some information about the history of the university, its geographical location, and its internal map (in terms of buildings and internal facilities) can be displayed, as well as some information about the university president or the owner of the educational institution, such as designing a school website (if the site is for a private school).

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If you have a printed newspaper or paper

newspaper and want to keep pace with technological development and want to create an electronic newspaper website that bears the name of your newspaper, or if you are a news editor and want to create a site that provides various or specialized news around the clock, then we offer you an electronic newspaper design offer, where you can easily Editing news, modifying it, or even deleting it, and also you can control the sections of your news site with ease without the need for any previous experience in websites, offering an electronic newspaper design that includes the following:

How to benefit as a newspaper owner from designing a news site!

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  • Meem, a site like Haraj, is the most successful project in terms of investment and capital preservation, and it has many development ideas for projects, which makes it compete in entire countries.
    So let us know you more about it so that you can take advantage of the opportunity in the best possible way with an organization that has been an expert in the digital market for 19 years.
    The design of a site such as Haraj is like an electronic market through which people can display their properties of any kind (cars, devices, real estate, etc.), so if you are looking to increase your business activity and increase your commercial profits permanently, do not hesitate to contact us, as we will help you implement your site With the best technologies, with our distinguished human capabilities, we have the best website designers and developers.
  1. How to benefit as an owner of advertising activity from Haraj website design!
  2. Professional design including the website logo
    Compatible with all browsers and compatible with mobile and tablet
    Arabic control panel for the site for easy management.
    Special sections for the content you provide with an internal page with a distinctive design
    Subscription packages system in the future for members
    Professional display system for ads
    Website identification pages
    Linking the site to social networks Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube
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First, contact the work team and book an appointment for an online interview or visit one of the company’s branches, write your site details in full, pay the amount specified by the company or part of it, and sign a notarized contract with the company that contains all the details that have been agreed upon, and then start your site and follow up until delivery
Yes, technical support is available for websites for a period of 6 months from the date of receiving the site, after which the subscription fee for technical support is paid, but please note that you do not modify the design ownership rights – because that support is canceled directly
First, publish news or content that is contrary to religions, or upload a script that contains files that contain viruses or hacks Changing the content of the site without referring to the company that programmed your site Raising violating scripts consumes the hosting resources of your site, if the hosting is not in another company
No monthly payments are made to run the site, but an annual amount is paid for the hosting and domain service to ensure the presence of your site on the Internet, and the amount is paid by contacting the technical support team of our company, and the operation takes place within 24 hours from the date of payment
In the event that the due amount is not paid, you will be notified via the registered e-mail or by contacting the phone, and the site will remain in a state of suspension for a period of 7 days, and the site will be deleted without referring to the customer because he was notified of a previous warning, and there is no backup copy in the event of final deletion
If it happens that the customer stops working on his website after contracting, what has been done of programming or design will be deducted, and any dealings with him will be rejected again.

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